CIDC: Antibiotic use not reduced after ban

31-05-2007 | |
CIDC: Antibiotic use not reduced after ban

Dutch poultry, pig and veal calf farmers still use antimicrobial growth promoters, according to the Institute for Disease control (CIDC) in Lelystad, the Netherlands.

The increasing resistance of bacteria against common antibiotics has been the reason why preventive use of antibiotics has been banned since January 2006. “Resistance against a broader range of bacteria is increasing, which is of particular concern”, according to Fred van Zijderveld of the CIDC.
CIDC investigates the use of antibiotics and the resistance of certain bacteria to antibiotics on a yearly basis and noted that the year 2005 was marked by a tremendous increase in the use of antibiotics on livestock farms. “We don’t have definite numbers of 2006 yet, but it seems that the use of antibiotics has not been decreased after the ban, according to van Zijderveld.
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