Cobb 700 broiler breeder setting new standards

01-10-2007 | |
Cobb 700 broiler breeder setting new standards

The latest breed from Cobb — the Cobb 700 broiler breeder — is aimed at the rapidly expanding demand for breast meat for premium value-added products.

The Cobb 700 has been developed not only to achieve heavier weights and a high meat yield, but to maintain low feed conversion and low production cost.
After more than 12 years of research, testing and commercial evaluation, the company has launched Cobb 700, which it believes will set new standards for the industry.
According to the company, the Cobb 700 has the advantage of the best overall feed conversion of all high yielding breeds. The Cobb breast meat feed conversion is put at 7.868 at 49 days of age and 8.462 at 62 days which, it is claimed, is significantly lower than competitors.  Eviscerated yield is now rated at 74.89%.
“The Cobb 700 is proof that high yielding broilers can still achieve superior performance in the broiler house,” says Jay Hughes, Cobb 700 product manager. â€œUnlike with many breeds, our geneticists have not had to compromise performance in the broiler house to maximise yield. This advantage continues right through the late growing period when the Cobb 700 gains the most weight with the best feed efficiency, setting what will be the new standard for the industry.”
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