Cobb seminar – reduce production cost

14-01-2009 | |

Two broiler seminars organised by Cobb Germany and two Czech hatcheries Mach Litomysl and Best Opava brought together more than 160 people from different sectors of the chicken industry — broiler farmers, nutrition specialists, veterinarians and company owners.

Both events were aimed at ensuring that producers can make full use of  the economic benefits of the Cobb 500 broiler.

“The cornerstone to successful broiler production is the cost per kg liveweight,” said James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany, who also spoke about increased competition not only in Europe but worldwide.

“Competition in the future will continue from Brazil but will also come from China and from countries such as Ukraine and Russia, who are expected to be exporting by 2012.  Our attention must be focused on reducing cost if we want to continue producing chicks and chicken meat efficiently,” he added.

Different aspects of Cobb 500 broiler management were covered by Dr Matthias Todte in Litomysl and Matthew Wilson in Hradec nad Moravici. They both spoke about the aspects of broiler growing having the biggest impact in lowering cost and the benefits that can be achieved from the excellent feed efficiency of the Cobb 500.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist