Colombia: First registered vet diagnostic lab

12-10-2009 | |

The Colombian Agricultural Institute officially registered the first Veterinary Medical Laboratory for diagnosis of diseases in animals.

This confirmed that the laboratory tests and diagnostic results that were obtained by the laboratory meet with the requirements of the institute.

Manager Luis Fernando Caicedo Lince: “This is the beginning for the private Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories to set up a livestock health surveillance system, with standardised and reliable tests for early detection of outbreaks of animal diseases in the country.”

The official recalled that the deadline for veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the private sector to get their registration is extended until 10 June 2010. “If laboratories do not initiate or obtain the registration, they will not get the official technical support and other legal requirements for operation in the country,” said Caicedo Lince.

Source: Revista Veterinaria Argentina

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist