Conceptual model of strategic positioning of a poultry brand

13-12-2011 | |

The food industry operates in an explicitly dynamic environment which demands constant adjustments and responses. The purpose of this paper is to identify important elements of brand positioning by reviewing literature and research into successful poultry brands in Slovenia.


A investigation into leading Slovenian poultry brands was used to illustrate the importance of certain elements in repositioning brands in competitive markets. The analysis of competitors in the food market in Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Switzerland, the analysis of the branding, the results of primary qualitative market research, and the development and testing of possible concepts all offer a basic starting-point for new market positioning.

The method used for the implementation of the primary research and for the subsequent testing of the concept was via focus groups. The presented conceptual model for strategic positioning of a brand in a competitive market of high-volume products can enable the definition of various concepts for the new positioning in markets.

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