Conferences prove successful for VIV Russia

27-06-2013 | |
Conferences prove successful for VIV Russia

VIV Russia 2013 has noted a huge success with the new, global exhibition format. The number of exhibitors, around 350, remained stable compared to the previous edition in 2011.

However, the number of visitors noted a slight increase of 1.8%,coming to a total of 6,538 for this year’s edition. Exhibitors rated VIV Russia 2013 with a 6,8, visitors rated the event with a very high 8,4. The results of the VIV Russia survey have been analysed, and the reactions and wishes have been identified.

“The overall conclusion is that the stronger emphasis on quality and our pure business-to-business approach have been steps in the right direction,” states Guus van Ham, project manager of VIV Russia 2013. The exhibition and the conferences were held in Moscow from May 21-23.

“VIV Russia 2013 has created an excellent foundation from which to progress further. The event was a good reflection of the current market conditions in Russia”, concludes Van Ham. The event was not just visited by interested parties from Russia. High-level visitors from neighbouring countries, such as the Ukraine, also attended. “What we noticed is that the Russian market is rather challenging at the moment. The interest due on loans and the desired ROI mean that a lot of large scale projects are facing a lot of difficulties. But that will not prevent the successful, further development of VIV Russia in the future. Our format appears to be popular, but there are still some segments within the trade fair concept that can be further developed.”

“We knew it was a very wise move to devote attention to the still-growing poultry chain, with additional attention to the turkey sector. This was demonstrated by a fully booked Turkey Conference and a successful WPSA (World’s Poultry Science Association) meeting. But we can also apply this template more intensively to the pig chain, dairy sector and feed production sector in general. We want to take another step forward. In the future, we will match Russian and international expertise even more intensively when compiling the total programme.”

The combination of a trade fair and parallel programs was relatively new for VIV Russia. Guus van Ham: “We are seeing that we can offer an even higher level of contact, both at the trade fair itself and during the parallel programmes, with conferences and seminars. These aspects also drew a very positive reception. This is really providing our exhibitors, partners and visitors exactly with what they want: good programmes, prominent speakers, market information. And that in addition to a successful trade event where all the key suppliers from all the segments – from feed to meat – are represented.”

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