Corn shortage threatens Turkey’s poultry industry

13-02-2007 | |

The Turkish poultry sector is well prepared to handle any possible bird flu outbreak and is more concerned over a shortage of corn.

The Healthy Chicken Information Platform (STBP) President, Zuhal DaÅŸtan, noted that steps were being taken to protect poultry from the external environment, and hence contamination, cutting the risk of infection via indoor rearing. DaÅŸtan added, “This is how the world is battling bird flu.” All STBP members, who produce 85% of Turkey‘s chicken, abide by this rule.

The more immediate problem for the sector is the current corn shortage, said Emre Bor, general manager of another poultry-based food producer, Şeker Piliç. Although the price of corn has recently risen, poultry breeders are hoping imports will bring it down.


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