Cracking discovery – egg inside an egg

20-02-2008 | |
Cracking discovery – egg inside an egg

A woman from the UK recently made a very interesting discovery after she cracked open a chicken egg only to find that there was another one inside of it.

Fran Vincent cracked open the 5.50z free-range egg to begin making a cake. She was astonished to find a smaller egg – perfectly intact – inside the larger one, which she had bought from a supermarket.
“I thought it looked a bit big,” said Vincent. “I cracked it open and out came the white and yolk but inside was another egg in its shell. I have never seen anything like it before – they’re almost like twins.”
David Lanning, of Lloyd Maunder poultry firm, said it was “extremely rare” for a double egg to reach a customer.
He said: “An incongruity like this would normally be picked up during the checking phase at the farm.
“As it was being formed it passed down through the hen’s oviduct – the passage from the ovaries to the outside of the body – where the shell is made.
“In young hens, ovulating can be quite irregular. The hen has obviously ovulated quickly twice. The second egg has caught up with the first and the shell has formed around the two of them.
“It’s more common with young hens. It’s unusual and doesn’t happen that often. But it is extremely rare for it to reach the shop shelf.”

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