Cracking the case: how to boil an egg

31-07-2006 | |

Being unable to boil an egg has always been a sign of a lack of even the most basic culinary skills; yet UK egg quality assurance team Lion Quality has been inundated with queries from members of the public who are sick and tired of runny whites and overcooked yolks.

It may sound simple, but the question of how to boil the perfect egg has vexed both professional and home chefs for years. Now there is an answer – eggs with a temperature sensitive logo will announce when your egg is cooked just to your liking.

Heat-sensitive invisible inks have been developed that will appear on the egg shell after three minutes for a soft-boiled egg, four minutes for medium and seven minutes for hard boiled.

Shoppers will have to decide in advance how they want to eat their eggs, as they must buy a whole carton of their choice marked ‘soft’, ‘medium’ or ‘hard’.

A spokesman for Lion Quality Eggs, said: “We had a lot of inquiries. We said, okay, this is a big issue, people can’t even boil an egg.”

The self-timing eggs will be on supermarket shelves in the coming months.

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