Customers call the shots at Ross Anadolu Seminar

01-11-2010 | |

Ross Breeders Anadolu (RBA), Aviagen’s joint venture company in Turkey, recently held a technical seminar in Antalya, Turkey.

The seminar covered many key issues, such as feed physical quality, disease prevention and environmental management that have been raised by Turkish customers over the last few months.

During the two day event, the 88 delegates from 35 different poultry companies and a number of research institutes, were given presentations from members of the RBA, and Aviagen’s regional Ross teams, as well as guest speakers on subjects such as maximising chick yield, the effect of feed physical quality on broiler performance, control of floor eggs, ventilation, markets of today and the future, regional technical support and salmonella control.

Ali Yavuz, Technical Operations Manager, Ross Breeders Anadolu, said: “I am delighted with the success of our customer seminar. We invited every single company, from the large integrations to the smallest, non-integrated companies, with the aim to explain the Ross 308 performance that can be achieved with good management.

Ross Breeders Anadolu has a unique approach to the organisation of our seminars in that we talk to our customers before we have the meeting and decide together which subjects will be addressed.  By working this way, we can enjoy an interesting forum for discussion of technical subjects and learn from each other, planning for the future and ensuring we maximise the performance of Ross stock.”

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