Danisco antimicrobial approved in Australasia

24-07-2008 | |

Meat processors in Australia and New Zealand now have access to tool for efficient food protection. Official approval of Nisaplinâ„¢Antimicrobial from Danisco is now providing a opportunity to replace chemical preservatives in meat products while improving the level of food safety and protecting shelf life.

The approval comes from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), which has approved Nisaplinâ„¢, the commercial preparation of nisin A, for use in processed meat, poultry and game products.
“This approval paves the way for the introduction of Danisco’s patented and highly efficient nisin-based blends,” says David Charest, Meat Food Protection Director for Danisco.
Marketed under Danisco’s new Care4Uâ„¢ label, Nisaplinâ„¢ is derived from a natural fermentation similar to that used in cheese-making. It is effective against common spoilage bacteria, such as Gram-positive lactic acid bacteria and Brochothrix thermosphacta, and post-processing contaminants, including the major food pathogen Listeria monocytogenes.
By integrating Nisaplinâ„¢ in food protection systems, processed meat manufacturers can maintain a high quality of their meat products over an extended shelf life. Other benefits include less spoilage losses, and a reduced need to use chemical preservatives, such as nitrites, nitrates and sorbic acid.
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