Deaf consumers can learn about food safety

30-06-2008 | |

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has launched a series of video-casts translated into American Sign Language (ASL).

The aim of the FSIS is to inform deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers about foodborne illness and raise the level of awareness of the dangers associated with improper handling and undercooking of food.
FSIS is the first Agency within the Department of Agriculture to provide this type of service to consumers.
SignFSIS video-casts will feature Gallaudet University student volunteer ASL signers, accompanied by text captions, covering a variety of food safety topics, ranging from foodborne illness to how to safely handle meat and poultry products. Both hard-of-hearing and deaf consumers will be given an option to choose their preference of receiving information either in written English or ASL.
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