Denmark becomes associate member of IPC

20-02-2014 | |
Denmark becomes associate member of IPC

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council, the organisation that represents the farming and food industries of Denmark, has become an associate member of the International Poultry Council (IPC).

With headquarters in Copenhagen, the council was formed in a merger of Danish Agriculture, the Danish Bacon and Meat Council, the Danish Agricultural Council, the Danish Dairy Board and Danish Pig Production. Employing 150,000 Danes, agriculture and food is the country’s largest industry, and generates about €15 billion in economic activity annually.

The council’s Poultry Section will be represented at the IPC by Jørgen Nyberg Larsen, CEO of the Danish Chicken Association and the Danish Egg Association, as well as editor of the Danish poultry magazine.

“Denmark has always maintained a strong presence in the IPC, and we are happy that the Danish Agriculture & Food Council will continue its association with the organisation,” said IPC President Jim Sumner, who noted that the IPC has 30 associate members from around the world.

Poultry industry representatives in 24 countries are members of the IPC, which was formed in 2005 as a cooperative forum for the world’s poultry-producing countries. The IPC represents about 85% of the world’s poultry production, and nearly 96% of global trade in poultry meat.