Denmark seeks salmonella status

10-05-2007 | |

After being confirmed virtually salmonella-free, Denmark’s consumer minister, Carina Christensen, is to apply for special status within the EU for Danish poultry meat.

If achieved, this special status would allow Denmark to ban imports of poultry meat – mainly chicken – from EU countries with a higher incidence of salmonella than the 1.6% level currently found in Danish meat.
Denmark has the third lowest salmonella infection rate, behind Finland and Sweden. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), salmonella incidence in the EU-23 ranges from 68% to zero.
Danish farmers have invested heavily in an action plan against salmonella, and some Danish broiler producers are demanding that Denmark, like Sweden and Finland, receive special status.
However, not only would there be resistance from many member states to the proposed special status, but there is also concern that special status would push up Danish chicken prices, as Denmark is heavily dependent on exports to the EU.
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