Diamond and Moba join forces in the Americas

12-01-2009 | |

The North and South American sales and service operations of Diamond and Moba, two leading manufacturers of egg grading and packing equipment, have merged as of 15 January, 2009.


The newly combined organization is named “Diamond Moba Americas”. This organization is created to offer the most effective sales, service and spare parts network to the extensive customer base in North and South America for both brands.

Diamond Moba Americas combines the operations of Diamond Automations, Inc. in Farmington Hills MI, and Moba USA, Inc. in Lancaster PA, and is headed by Douglas P. Mack, President. Support offices are located in Canada, the USA and South America and provide close proximity to the customer base in the region.

Stan Drouen, Director Marketing and Sales for Diamond Moba Americas, explains: “The ongoing consolidation in the American egg industry causes egg packing stations to become more and more efficient and sophisticated, demanding ever increasing levels of service and support for their egg grading and packing equipment.

“Our customers will benefit from the availability and the capacity that is offered by joining the sales and service forces of our two brands.

“Diamond Moba Americas markets the entire combined product portfolio of both brands, a portfolio that continues to be enriched with newly developed products and technologies. We look forward to present ourselves as well as the latest equipment of Moba and Diamond at the IPE show in Atlanta, later this month”.

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