Dioxine in colouring agent for egg yolk

07-01-2009 | |

Dioxin has been detected in a natural pigment – intended for animal feed – in the Netherlands and France. The product came from Spain.

The contamination was found via the Rapid Alert System on December 23. The pigment in the Netherlands contained 3.1 picograms; 1 picogram is allowed. In France, the product contained 10.6 picograms. 

According to the Dutch Food Authority (VWA) it comes to 1,900 kilogram Capsantal. This natural pigment – made from red peppers – is used in animal feed to give the chicken skin and the egg yolk a nice colour. The contamination is not harmful for animals or humans, according to VWA. No animal feed has to be recalled or destroyed. The cause of the contamination is still not clear.