DNA-based bird flu vaccine promising

18-07-2008 | |

A DNA-based vaccine against bird flu can safely stimulate the immune system to levels expected to protect against flu, reports Vical Inc.

According to the company, in a study of 100 volunteers, 67% of the patients receiving the higher dose had immune responses that could protect against H5N1 infection, with no serious adverse reactions after two injections.
“The preliminary results from this Phase 1 trial indicate for the first time that … DNA vaccination against H5N1 influenza is well-tolerated and can induce impressive antibody responses,” said Dr Robert Belshe of Saint Louis University School of Medicine.
Vical said that this DNA-based vaccine could be made in 6-8, by making use of genetic material called plasmids, which are meant to generate an immune response against a specific bit of the virus.
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