Dominican chicken farmers reduce production

28-03-2007 | |

In 2006, Dominican chicken production was so high that the Government advertised it as its accomplishment that consumption increased to 15 million units monthly average. However, producers now recognise that the consumption is not so and that their production is way over the demand.

The excess production will be paid with a Government subsidy of at least  RD$46 million, as the poultry farmers asked its intervention to buy the excess  meat and avert losses of more than RD$1 billion (Euro 23.4 million) this year.
Statements, such as “We are to blame,” and “It’s not true that the consumption is 15 million units, it’s less than 14 million,” were heard from some producers who met with Agriculture minister Salvador Jiménez, and Livestock director Angel Faxas, to discuss a solution to the problem.
In the meeting, the Agriculture minister promised to buy a first batch of 845,000 units of chicken, at RD$55 each (Euro 1.29), for an initial total of RD$46.4 million (Euro 1.09 million).
With the aim of balancing the market, chicken farmers promised to reduce production by 12% and eliminate the older hens, for the purpose of balancing the market.

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