Dosatron launches new line of dosage systems (video)

18-11-2010 | |
Dosatron launches new line of dosage systems (video)

Dosatron, the French manufacturer of dosage systems introduced the Diaphragm range, a new addition to its company’s product portfolio, usable for farms with having low pressure water or low pressure demand.


The product, aimed at injecting medication into water systems in livestock operations in ranges from 1 to 4%, was developed in cooperation with several animal health companies.

The innovation was introduced at EuroTier, held in Hanover, Germany. Xavier Chehri, the company’s market & applications manager, explained why the addition was necessary: some farms simply are dealing with water tanks with low pressure, or only require water in low amounts, e.g. for young animals or when only small groups of animals need to be taken care of.

Using conventional systems, these groups of customers could not be reached – but with this addition, the French company hopes to meet the whole market’s demand. For pigs, poultry and rabbits, the type ‘Dia4Re’ will be on the market in January 2011.

Diaphragm technology

With diaphragm technology, Chehri explained, it is possible to carefully measure the pressure inside the device, and adjust its working speed. The new dosage technology can deal with a pressure as low as 0.15 bar (which equals 1.5 metre altitude difference), but a pressure of up to 5.5 bar can also be handled. Water flow ranges thus can vary from only 4.5 litres per hour to 2.5 cubic metres per hour.

The new product line is usable for pigs, poultry and small animals, like rabbits or pigeons.


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