DSM Nutritional Products Indonesia conducts seminar

31-05-2010 | |

DSM Nutritional Products Indonesia conducted a seminar entitled “DSM Poultry Forum: Updating Global Trend in Poultry Industry” in Jakarta on 12 May 2010.

The seminar was divided into 3 sessions of presentation. Before the presentation and as welcoming speech, Suaedi Sunanto, Sales Manager DSM Indonesia, introduced the company and spoke of its commitment to animal nutrition and health.

The first session was presented by Dr. Kelli H. Jones, Assistant Clinical Professor of Avian Medicine Poultry Research and Diagnostic Laboratory, College of Veterinary Medicine, Mississippi State University. Her presentation’s was entitle is “A Global Perspective on Current Health Issues in the Poultry Industry”. Focusing on Asia, Dr. Jones said that current animal health issues in Asia include IBV (Infectious Bronchitis Virus), leg problems (Rickets, Tibial Dyschondroplasia and Vertebral Osteoarthritis), CRD (Chronic Respiratory Disease), Coccidiosis, Salmonella, AI (Avian Influenza), Adenovirus (Inclusion Body Hepatitis), and tumors (Marek’s disease).

The second session was presented by Dr. Jose Maria Hernandez, Global Business Manager Poultry, DSM Nutritional Products – Switzerland, entitled “Food Chain Partnership: the DSM Experience”. Dr. Hernandez explained that main goal of food chain partnership is to ensure food safety and quality to consumers, but it depends on each stakeholder in the food chain. Based on DSM’s research to European consumers, he added that nowadays consumers are not sure about the safety of food they are eating and the companies and brands behind. “Consumers want information on how food is produced in order to regain their trust. That’s why, work with media and NGOs is important in gaining much power,” Dr. Hernandez said.

The last session was presented by Dr. Roselina Angel, Assistant Professor of Department of Animal & Avian Sciences, University of Maryland. Dr. Angel’s presentation is about amino acid digestibility in sorghum, kafirin in sorghum, phytic acid & phytin, and phosphor’s chelation. She also informed that she has been working together with an animal nutritionist from Indonesia to study palm kernel meal for one of alternative animal feedstuffs.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist