DSM’s Poultry Technical Meetings

11-04-2008 | |

DSM Nutritional Products recently organised a Poultry Technical Meeting at three different locations around Europe: Coventry (UK), Arnhem (The Netherlands) and Madrid (Spain) on the 4-6 March, 2008.

Under the title “Feeding the Genetics: a Matter of Quality”, the seminar addressed many topics, including the latest developments in genetics, management and nutrition, focusing on how these factors can improve quality and performance in the poultry sector. The meetings attracted key representatives of the European poultry industry in each country, and included visitors from over 15 countries in Europe and in total more than 200 participants.
Nutrient transfer
The keynote speaker was Prof Z. Uni, from the Hebrew University (Israel) who explained the latest studies carried out by her team on the importance of nutrient transfer from breeders to chicks and on the chicks’ optimal nutrition, as well as the latest research in this field. “We have to change the concept that growth starts at day 1 after hatching, and accept that chick growth starts during formation of the egg in the breeder,” she said. She also explained the method of “In ovo feeding” as a good way to supply adequate levels of nutrients to embryos and thus to prevent deficiencies.
Vitamins and minerals
Dr E. Folegatti, from DSM Nutritional Products Europe (Italy), explained the benefits of adding vitamin D metabolite, Hy•D®, to feed to improve bird skeletal development and the subsequent beneficial effects of Hy•D® on product quality and productivity in all sectors of the poultry industry.
In the Netherlands Dr G. Huygheabert (ILVO, Belgium) and A. Vandeweghe (DSM Nutritional Products Benelux, Belgium) addressed the issue of Ca and P utilisation in poultry, and how the use of phytase and Hy•D® can help optimise production in broilers and layers.
Role of phytase
A review of the role of phytase in minimising dietary phosphates was addressed in the UK by Dr A. Korsback (DSM Nutritional Products Europe, Denmark) and in Spain by Dr R. Martínez-Alesón (DSM Nutritional Products Iberia, Spain), who reviewed the subject in view of the shortage of phosphates in the European market and the price increase of these raw materials.
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