Dubai poultry prices expected to rise

29-01-2007 | |

Dr. Hussein Husainon, Technical Secretary of UAE Poultry Association, said higher production costs, increased prices of fodder and veterinary medicines, make a poultry price hike almost inevitable.

He said his Association had not increased poultry prices so far in view of the needs of customers.

Referring to the continuous hike in egg prices over the last two months, Dr. Husainon said it was not limited to the UAE alone. “In Egypt, egg prices have leapfrogged by 100%. Most other countries have seen a 50% jump. In the UAE, however, it will not exceed 10%, and even this hike is only meant to cover production costs, with room for marginal profit,” he emphasised.

Meanwhile, managers of shopping malls in Dubai have said any increase in local poultry prices would have its impact in the market. An executive at Al Madina Supermarket in Deira commented, “Any price hike is bound to have its ripple effect.”


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