Ducks in northern Malaysia have to go indoors

22-03-2006 | |

Perak state in northern Malaysia will require all farms to rear ducks in an enclosed system in the wake of bird flu cases, an official said.

The enclosed system of rearing, as already practiced by chicken farms, will ensure greater safety in the farms, said Minister Tajol Rosli Ghazali.
This move is among the measures to be taken to revitalise the poultry industry in the state, which has been badly hit by the two separate cases of avian influenza confirmed last Thursday.
Meanwhile, Tajol said Perak will ban slaughtering of poultry in wet markets, adding he will hold meetings with local poultry breeders and traders before the implementation of the new regulations.
More than 40,000 ducks, chickens and birds have been culled in two areas of the state since March 16.
As another blow to local poultry industry, Singapore has suspended import of ducks from Perak, which previously supplied about 450,000 ducks a month to the city republic, said Tajol.