Dutch retain World Egg Throwing Championship crown

27-06-2012 | |

During the annual World Egg Throwing Championships in Lincolnshire, England last week the Dutch team took the crowning glory for the second year in a row.

Teams from as far apart as Germany and South Africa gathered at Swaton for the seventh edition of the event.The Dutch won the distance-throwing event by tossing a raw egg 40m to but failed to break their own record of 63.2m (208ft), organiser Andy Dunlop said.

The championship comprises of five disciplines; Egg Throwing, Egg Static Relay, Egg Target Throwing, Russian Egg Roulette and Egg Trebuchet Challenge.

The sport dates back to 1322 when a newly appointed Abbot of Swaton ensured attendance at church by providing peasants with one egg each. However when the River Eau flooded that year, monks were forced to hurl eggs over to waiting peasants who were unable to attend the service.

The organisers aimed to raise £10,000 for charities, including leukaemia research, the local air ambulance and emergency response organisation Lives.

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