Easter egg shortage feared in Armenia

21-04-2011 | |

Exporting eggs from Armenia has been temporarily banned as officials try to prevent a shortage which could threaten traditional Easter celebrations in the ex-Soviet state.

Over the New Year holiday season eggs also became in short supply causing controversy as eggs disappeared from many shops for several hours and prices almost tripled. At that time the problem was blamed on market manipulation by major producers, causing the authorities to fine one leading poultry plant.

“There should be no shortage of eggs at Easter, we have taken several steps to ensure this,” said Ashot Hovhannisian an official at the Armenian Agriculture Ministry to AFP. Armenians consume around 12 million eggs over the Easter period, and decorating eggs is a tradition within families.

As well as temporarily halting exports, the authorities have arranged to buy 3.5 million eggs from Ukraine in an attempt to ensure that the demand is satisfied, Hovhannisian said.

Source: AFP

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