Economic analysis of commercial goose breeding by small family farms

27-02-2012 | |

This paper concentrates on revealing the economic significance of geese commercially raised by community in Kars province, which is very famous for geese reproduction in Turkey. In the survey, the hatchery efficiency has been determined to be 65.9% while the mortality rate after hatching is 8.7%.


The survey revealed that small businesses on goose breeding typically are not profitable. However, because women are mostly in charge of taking care of geese, demanding no wages in return, the labour cost is very low, increasing the business profitability of goose breeding in this area.

Consequently, the results of the survey have indicated that in order to increase performance of goose breeding and to raise the level of profit, contemporary goose breeding facilities, including infrastructure, should be constructed, and those who deal with goose breeding need to be trained in the technical aspects of production.

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