Editor’s report: Poultry experts meet for European Poultry Conference

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Editor’s report: Poultry experts meet for European Poultry Conference

The European Poultry Conference has started in the city of Tours in France yesterday. Around 1,200 poultry experts from 69 countries have gathered together in the Vinci congress centre for the meeting which is organised every four years by the European Federation of WPSA branches.

In his opening speech, President Achille Franchini of the European Federation pinpointed the difficulties that the poultry business is often faced with. He addressed the importance for the industry and research institutions to strongly interact with government organisations and public bodies to make clear the many positive aspects of poultry and to establish dialogues with these organisations.
 “Close cooperation is needed to respond to criticism and achieve public acceptance and legislation” he stated. According to Franchini, the conference is an excellent opportunity to discuss these issues. Moreover, it is a very good opportunity to exchange knowledge and discuss progress on the various aspects of poultry production.
Franchini also mentioned that another aim of WPSA is to share knowledge with the developing world. After all, most
of the growth in poultry will be expected in these countries in the coming decades.
Increased demand for poultry
This was also confirmed by Nan-Dirk Mulder of Rabobank, who drew a picture about the future of intensive animal production in the coming decades. According to Mulder, it is expected that the demand for meat, food and fuel around the globe will increase by 20% in the next 10 years. Asia will take the lead with an expected growth in meat demand of 70%, whereby poultry will take the lead.
The European conference will be held concurrently with meetings of specialist groups and a FAO parallel conference. It will last for three days.
Main photo: Vinci congress centre

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