EFSA: feed enzyme safe and effective in poultry

20-06-2008 | |

EFSA’s Panel on Additives and Products or Substances used in Animal Feed and the Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms has found Econase XT P/L feed enzyme (ABF Ingredients) safe and effective for chickens, turkeys.

According to the panel, there is evidence to support the efficacy of Econase XT in improving production parameters in chickens for fattening at 8,000BXU per kg, and turkeys for fattening at 16,000BXU per kg. This evidence is extended to chickens reared for laying and turkeys reared for breeding at the corresponding dose.
Econase XT was tolerated at 10 times (turkeys) the maximum recommended dose (24,000BXU per kg) and so it is safe for these target species at the proposed conditions of use.
The experts had no concerns regarding consumer safety when the product is used as an additive in animal feed based on the absence of adverse effect in two mutagenicity/clastogenicity tests and a sub-chronic oral toxicity study.
Econase XT is an enzyme feed additive with endo-1,4-beta xylanase as its declared activity. The production strain is a genetically modified strain of Trichoderma reesei.
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