Egg prices rise in India as winter arrives

09-11-2010 | |
Egg prices rise in India as winter arrives

Egg prices across India are on the increase. According to Poultry Federation of India (PFI), wholesale prices of eggs across key cities increased by more than 20% on an average during the last two weeks.

“Although rise in poultry feed prices has been worrisome, the increase in egg prices has been as per the trend witnessed during winter months,” said M Batliwala, general manager National Egg Coordination Committee (NBCC) FE.

Delhi has witnessed the biggest price increase with egg prices rising to Rs 3 a piece on Monday from Rs 2.58 on October 25. Similarly, egg prices have also increased in all other key cities of Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Batliwala said the trend in rise in prices would continue till January before declining as consumer demand recede in summer months. However, the rise in poultry feed prices in the last few months have been hurting farmers.

“Production of maize and soyabean is increasing annually and maize production is expected to be a record 19 million tonnes. However, consumption of maize is also rising mainly from the starch industry which keeps prices high,” Ricky Thaper, Treasurer, PFI said.

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