Egg producer banned causes increased pressure

03-04-2007 | |

Action is being taken against a Tasmanian egg producer after contaminated eggs were linked to a salmonella outbreak on the north-coast, however, there are concerns that the ban may lead to an egg shortage.

Approximately 18 people developed food poisoning recently, sparking concern from the public and resulting in action being taken by the Department of Primary Industries against the Tasmanian producer. The producer may no longer sell to the public, due to an order from the Food Safety Branch.
According to the Branch manager, Chris Lyall, there may even be other producers who are operating without approval.
However, this is not a good time for the industry to be experiencing a ban, according to the president of the Egg Producer’s Association, John Groeneweld, who says that the egg supply is limited and Easter will only increase the pressure.
The producer will not be allowed to sell eggs until appropriate food safety measures can be demonstrated.
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