Eggs back on the menu for US soldiers

11-04-2008 | |
Eggs back on the menu for US soldiers

It is now possible for deployed US troops in Baghdad to once again enjoy fresh eggs for breakfast after the nutritious staple was banned from Iraq for one year.

Blackantem Military News reports that after receiving many requests from Soldiers and the command group, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Sabrina Nero, command food advisor, took it upon herself to find a way to once again get fresh eggs on the menu.

Nero discovered that fresh eggs that originated in Kuwait were banned in Iraq after a bird flu outbreak in March 2007. “I read the memorandum from the state department and found a technicality that would allow eggs back into Iraq,” she explained. “The technicality was that the Iraqi government didn’t want poultry products shipped into Iraq that had originated from Kuwait.”

Nero approached the food safety officer and received a list of all the approved sources where they could source eggs outside of Kuwait. She pieced together the necessary paperwork for a proposal to utilise alternative sources of fresh eggs and poultry products from other countries surrounding Iraq.

She submitted a proposal to her chain of command. Initially there was some hesitation as to whether or not to accept the proposal because all food products were shipped through Kuwait; but in the end, she got a green light from all levels and eggs began to roll into Iraq.

Her efforts not only affected Iraq but also Afghanistan and other neighbouring countries where US troops were stationed.

“The eggs give me more motivation to wake up in the morning and get some chow,” said Pfc. Manuel Silvas.


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