Eggshells valuable for Uganda

14-12-2007 | |
Eggshells valuable for Uganda

A graduate of Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Kyambogo University and the proprietor of Harmony Nutrition Centre in Nateete, Uganda, discovered that processed eggshells can be used as a calcium supplement to improve health and consequently, the monetary value of poultry farming.

“I realised that poultry farming was on the increase but eggshells were wasted. Farmers would get more money from the sale of eggs if the shells were of some economic value. These factors encouraged me to do a deeper analysis of eggshells, to establish the best way to promote their use for the benefit of the poultry farmers and to tap the rather wasted calcium source,” says Jessica Nanyunja.
Nanyunja presented her research findings to a panel of lecturers at the Kyambogo University and is, “advising people to supplement their calcium intake with eggshell powder.” 
Her next step is to establish the recommended daily allowance for the different age groups, flavour the eggshell powder to suit the varied interests of customers and increase the production scale. “One of my very first clients has so far consumed two 400g tins of eggshell powder, and she can now walk without the support of clutches like she used to. The calcium supplement is user friendly, one just adds a pinch of the powder to daily meals,” she adds.
Nanyunja collects eggshells from bakeries, washes and process them into powder for sale. “Once adopted, the monetary value of eggs will increase and subsequently farmers’ incomes will improve,” she says.

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