Election & Animal Farming (poultry sector)

27-04-2009 | |

In Indonesia, April 9, 2009, is the day of the election to elect the legislative candidate and party (once in 5 years). There are 38 parties. Of course, this day creates great momentum for the future of the country. Before the big day, all parties campaign and explain their programmes for the future.

Only a few parties focus on animal farming and the related sectors, especially poultry and on ways to ensure a good future for the sector. The reality is that this sector is one of the animal farming and industry sectors in Indonesia that has high development and can still survive in the middle of the global crisis. The reasons for this are because poultry products are a cheaper source of animal protein than other animal farming products, and also the poultry products are loved by a lot of Indonesian people.

Although just few a parties focus on the animal farming sector (poultry), i hope that some parties will not only give this sector priority, but also implement programmes in real life and be brave enough to solve the problems occuring within the animal farming sector – not just explain their programmes but actually complete them! Besides that, i also hope that the legislative candidates from the party focusing on animal farming sector are real stakeholder of the animal farming/poultry sector.

Over the past 5 years, a lot of legislative assemblies did not fully understand the real problems of animal farming/poultry sector and how to solve them. Consequently, some assistance money for many farmers was cut and their programmes were not focused on how to improve and develop the animal farming/poultry sector.

Simply, i hope that the winner of the election, bothin Indonesia and throughpout the rest of the world, will pay serious attention to and focus on the animal farming/poultry sector so that the industry can be a strong sector both in the economy and food industry.

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