EPEXA celebrates 20 years

11-06-2007 | |
EPEXA celebrates 20 years

EPEXA, the official Association of European Hatching Egg, One-Day-Olds and Pullet Exporters in the EU-Countries, held its 20th annual meeting in Funchal, Madeira.

President of EPEXA, Leo von Drechsel, used this occasion to honour Gerhard Wagner, Jűrgen Kimö, Robert Snick and Thijs Hendrix as members of the first hour and still being present today.
Special guests included Laurent Lourdais of the EU in Brussels and Cees Vermeeren of the avec-organisation. Lourdais gave a complete presentation on the poultry meat sector in the EU, the international market and the current and future trade regulations. Vermeeren highlighted the latest developments on the EU broiler welfare directive.
In total 54 attendees from 13 different countries were present. The countries represented were: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and for the first time Poland.
In the picture: Thijs Hendrix, Gerhard Wagner, Jűrgen Kimö (standing), Robert Snick and Gudrun Vitale-Krustrup (sitting) are the members of the first hour of EPEXA.