EU ends 6-year ban on Chinese poultry imports

03-09-2008 | |

The European Union has lifted a six-year import ban on Chinese poultry effective immediately, according to foreign media reports.

Nine Chinese poultry companies, all located in the country’s eastern Shandong Province, have been approved to export heat-treated poultry meat products to the EU. According to the Shandong provincial department of foreign trade, total poultry exports from China to the EU could reach 100,000 tons, or $1 billion in sales.

The EU banned imports of Chinese poultry in 2004, following an outbreak of bird flu. Authorities have inspected poultry companies in Shandong Province for bird flu prevention, drug residue and sanitation during heat treatment.

The EU continues to uphold an 11-year ban on imports of US poultry, despite reports earlier this year that it could be lifted.

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