EU: meat price rises expected

20-09-2007 | |
EU: meat price rises expected

The European Commission predicts meat price rises of 10 to 30% in 2008. This is mainly due to growing costs for animal production, predominantly caused by high grain prices.

EU agricultural commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel said to expect this tendency. Up until now, consumers have not really noticed any price changes as a result of higher raw materials. That, Fischer Boel said, is a consequence of long-term contracts in livestock production.
Paying more
She is convinced that producers and trade will definitely notice something as the consumers shall be paying a lot more. She feels that the EU should prepare for a totally new situation to prevent too strong price rises and also empty supermarket shelves.
Fischer Boel would like to start a discussion about the creation of emergency supplies of certain amounts of grain varieties and called on Russia and Ukraine not to impose restrictions on grain trade whatsoever.
Internal calculations of the European Commission said that poultry prices in Europe will increase by 10%. Pigmeat prices will rise a lot more, because more than only the feed prices will be compensated. In cattle meat prices, prices will only increase 7%, the calculations said.
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