EuroDan Poultry Forum fights for equal rights

17-08-2012 | |
EuroDan Poultry Forum fights for equal rights

A new body, EuroDan Poultry Forum (EDPF), has been formed and will now at a meeting in September be formalised with Board and Management.

EDPF aims to be a voice to the Danish Authorities and Politicians, and partly to assist operators who may be trapped with theirs activities from/to Denmark from mainly Germany or the Netherlands.
Therefore the founder group of EDPF wants to have representatives from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands in the Board.

The founders of EDPF want to go for common EU rules. Special rules must be organised on a voluntary basis.

Spokesman for EDPF, Thorkil Ambrosen says: “Denmark is a member of EU and therefore we should give most attention to work with common and uniform rules for the whole EU.

”The Danish application for special guarantees for Salmonella is problematic and mostly negative for the Danish Poultry Industry and Poultry Trade, and the impact on consumer health is difficult to detect.”

Over recent years the structure of poultry production in Denmark has changed significantly. Today about 20% of the broilers produced in Denmark are delivered for slaughter either in Germany or Holland.

Danish turkey production is based on day old chickens from Germany and all turkeys are slaughtered at a German slaughterhouse. Likewise all Danish produced ducks are slaughtered in Germany.

Over 60% of poultry meat consumed in Denmark comes from abroad.

The EU internal market is a reality for the poultry production in Denmark. But the internal market could have occurred to a greater extent and have been more flourishing if there had been no specific Danish limitations and constrains of national legislation or specific national implementations of legislation and rules.

Danish politicians and legislators have not always had this in mind as they often initiate special Danish rules that go beyond EU legislation.

EDPF does not want special national rules and legislation. To the fullest extent should the EU legislation form the regulatory basis and should be implemented in Denmark in the same way as it happens in other EU countries.

”This will ensure a more fair competition and give Denmark the possibility to have an equal opportunity to operate businesses in Denmark and together with other EU countries,” Ambrosen said.

Companies that are interested in trading with Danish companies are welcome to attend the work of EDPF and are welcome to the meeting to be held in Flensburg 11 September. For details contact Thorkil Ambrosen.