EuroTier 2012 will be larger than ever

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EuroTier 2012 will be larger than ever

According to the latest booking figures, EuroTier 2012 will be the largest and most international edition in the history of the German show in Hanover. For poultry producers, there will be plenty to see. Next to the many exhibitors and exhibitions, there will be a focus on animal welfare, energy, and global innovations. And once again, the Federal Association of Practising Veterinarians Congress overlaps with EuroTier2012.


At present, 2,100 exhibitors from 50 countries have booked exhibition space, to be held at the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover, Germany, 13-16 November. With 250,000 m2 of exhibition space, EuroTier has grown by more than 30% since the last edition.

The international contingent at the biannual show will be over 1,000 exhibitors, which is a 25% increase in comparison to the 2010 edition. This means that nearly half of the exhibitors come from outside Germany.

The Netherlands again leads the field with 176 companies. Strong exhibitor participation will also come from France (134), Italy (84), China (75), Denmark (69), Spain (63), United Kingdom (55), Austria (52), Belgium (51) and the USA (36).

Growing into a new dimension

EuroTier project manager Dr Karl Schlösser, of the German Agricultural Society (DLG), commented: “This booking level is well above the figures at a comparable time for the last event two years ago.” EuroTier is thus growing into a new dimension. He sees in particular the exceptionally high interest shown by exhibitors from outside Germany with an increase of 25% in comparison to 2010, to be a clear signal for the continuing rise in significance of EuroTier as the turntable for international markets.

Above all, the show will address the poultry, cattle and pig sectors, with every possible leading company in the field of genetics, housing, climate control, animal health, nutrition and feed additives. Highlighting innovations, an independent jury will be awarding gold and silver medals.

Other elements will be a ‘TopTierTreff’, where the best dairy cows and cattle will be shown. The German Federal Association of Practising Veterinarians will hold its annual congress in Hanover as well.

Global innovations showcase

EuroTier is the global innovations showcase for machinery, equipment and installations, and farm inputs for professional animal husbandry. For many years now companies have been gearing their innovation cycles to EuroTier in Hanover, where they launch their new products for the international markets. On the basis of strict criteria, a neutral and international commission of experts appointed by DLG will once again select “EuroTier innovations” from among the submissions by the exhibitors and award Gold and Silver Medals.

BioEnergy Decentral – the global meeting place for Decentralized Energy Supply

Further growth has been noted at the global meeting place for decentralized energy supply, “BioEnergy Decentral”, too. The exhibitors will be presenting a most extensive programme covering the entire width of technological developments in the field of renewable energies, as well as machinery and equipment addressing all aspects of decentralized energy supply. Methods for using renewable energies, with a focus on bioenergy, as well as fossil energy sources, will be on show.

Detailed information is available at BioEnergy Decentral

bpt Congress coincides with EuroTier again

The Federal Association of Practising Veterinarians (Bundesverband Praktizierender Tierärzte – bpt) will hold its annual congress and associated specialist exhibition “Veterinarian Medicine” to overlap with EuroTier at the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover once again in 2012 too. An “International Animal Health Event” organized jointly by DLG and bpt will again serve as meeting place and contact forum for veterinarians from all over the world, and as a link between EuroTier and the bpt congress.

Special:  Feed Gallery

For the first time visitors to EuroTier 2012 will be able to see the variety and broad base of the raw materials (feed materials) for animal husbandry for themselves in a Special. The most important of the 600 feed materials listed in the EU feed law and the German positive list  will be presented in a “Feed Gallery” and portrayed as regards their quality and origin.

A further segment of the Special will demonstrate how raw materials are improved for feeding farm animals by means of hydrothermal treatment so that they can be used better, and how with the aid of data, information processing and processing technology, needs-driven and optimised feed rations or complete diets are made from the broad feed base of many different feed materials.

The Feed Gallery Special will allow knowledgeable visitors to get to know new and uncommon feedstuffs, as well as to find answers to their own questions regarding the quality and suitability of certain feeds.

Animal Welfare Info Centre

With the “Animal Welfare Info Centre”, DLG is for the first time offering open discussion sessions on socially critical priority topics at EuroTier 2012. Two discussion panels will be held daily following the round table principle. The discussion sessions will be chaired professionally and feature experts representing opposite positions on the various topics. These discussion events will be supplemented by information islands on the subject of animal welfare in animal husbandry and management. Visitors to the exhibition will thus be able to acquire topical and practical knowledge on the many aspects of the focal theme “animal welfare” and to enter into dialogue with experts about adequate and viable solutions.

International Poultry-Event

For example the International Poultry-Event, the EuroTier Pig-Event, and the EuroTier Dairy-Event in the Convention Centre on 12 November 2012, the eve of the exhibition opening, will be meeting places for top international farmers. These events serve as important contact and information forums. Each of them will feature top-flight speakers addressing topical issues, thus fostering forward-looking momentum. A few other interesting events for the poultry sector will also take place on this day, for instance an international panel discussion on poultry markets in China, Russia and the EU, and a conference on permit procedures for poultry farms.

Young Farmers Day

At EuroTier 2012 too there will be another “Young Farmers Day” for young farmers and students of agriculture from Germany and other countries. In addition to the visit to EuroTier, the programme on 15 November 2012 includes job forums, a future congress for young animal farmers, and meeting places for getting to know each other and share experiences. The highlight as always is the “Young Farmers Party”.

For more information go to EuroTier 2012