Evicol to fight salmonella

20-07-2010 | |

A water treatment available from EnviroGreen Global Solutions could dramatically decrease the presence of salmonella bacteria in eggs.

This could also help producers comply with new FDA regulations that recently went into effect on in an attempt to combat illnesses and deaths from the pathogen, which the agency estimates sickens nearly 80,000 people annually.
As EGS Chief Development Officer Dr. William Billows explains, “Chicken feed is a source of salmonella infection for poultry. If feed becomes contaminated, when it emerges out of chutes these and other bacteria become airborne and the chickens inhale it, infecting themselves and their eggs.”

Chicken feed can be treated with Evicol during the process of making it into pellets, or by misting the feed area with it afterwards. As Billows explains, “When used properly, Evicol begins to kill more than 99.99% of salmonella bacteria instantly and continues to provide residual protection against them for 21 days. No other disinfectant on the market can compare with this.”

Evicol is EPA-approved, extremely effective, inexpensive, and easy to use, according to Dr. David Rakofsky, EGS COO, adding that the product is also currently pending certification of organic compliance, expected within the next 2 months.

Source: EnviroGreen Global Solutions