Ex- Pakistan Poultry Association head criticises govt over budget

07-06-2006 | |

Dr Abdul Basit, former chairman of the Pakistan Poultry Association, says the government’s Rs one billion package for the poultry industry in the 2006-07 federal budget, has made a mockery of the poultry industry.

Also the current Senior Vice President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Dr Basit, said: “It shows that the government is not aware of the heavy losses suffered by the poultry industry following the bird flue scare in the country,” adding: “The industry has suffered a huge loss of Rs 30 billion so far and the government has offered peanuts by announcing Rs one billion poultry programme.”

According to Bassit the government has concentrated on lentils etc and totally ignored the poultry industry, which he believes is a major check against inflation in the country.

Bassit said the industry will pursue the issue and try to persuade the government to reconsiders its allocation for poultry.

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