Fears for South Australia’s egg industry in wake of salmonella outbreak

19-06-2006 | |

Concerns are mounting that the recent outbreak of salmonella will have an adverse effect on South Australia’s egg industry.

The South Australian State Health Department is investigating a possible link between eggs and a recent outbreak of salmonella, where 17 people were infected by the bacteria.

Six of the 17 people became sick after eating uncooked pasta from the Buono Pasta Company and officials are trying to establish if eggs from a local producer were the source of the outbreak.

However, in the meantime the industry is concerned that the mere speculation that eggs were the cause could be a major blow for the entire industry and cause a drop in demand.

Carol Copeland from Valley Poultry fears consumers will avoid buying eggs altogether and has called on the unnamed egg supplier to come forward for the good of the State’s egg industry.