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26-11-2007 | |

Aimed at the international poultry industry, World Poultry magazine translates scientific knowledge and practical experience in a way which can be used by all poultry professionals worldwide.

Highlights from this months issue..
   • Feed annalist and poultry expert, Pascal Charpentier, discusses “Cereal Price Killers ” and the impact of feed prices on the worldwide poultry industry. 
   • Editor of World Poultry magazine, Wiebe van der Sluis, takes a closer look at how three companies are dominating the Australian chicken meat industry .
   • Lon Whitlow from North Carolina State University discusses the impact of mycotoxins on feed, profits and the poultry industry.
   •  International Poultry Nutrition Consultant Hermann Klein-Hessling talks about Peking duck breeders and how these birds require special management, but are unique and interesting to work with.
Other topics discussed..
• Poultry professor and veterinarian, Dr Simon Shane, talks about  Runting and Stunting Syndrome (RSS).
• J. M. Bradbury from the Dept of Veterninary Pathology, University of Liverpool, UK, discusses topics relating to  mycoplasma infections . 
• Research news features antibiotic resistance, broiler paw litter burns and broiler feeding programmes.

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