Fiji vendors remanded to start egg refrigeration

02-05-2012 | |

Fiji’s Ministry of Health has issued a notice to market place vendors that eggs sold on the market must be refrigerated, the Fiji Times reports.

Starting this week, eggs sold on the municipal markets in Fiji need to placed in coolers or refrigerators, after complaints of rotten eggs.

Senior health officer at the ministry’s Food Safety Unit Samuela Bolalailai said egg vendors at municipal markets around the country were served with notice to toe the line as dictated by the Food Safety Act 2003.

The 2003 Food Safety Act enables FJD $5000 (€2122) fines for a first offender, or a two-year imprisonment, while a second and subsequent offender can be fined FJD $10,000 (€4244) or face a five years in prison.

Vendors are loath to comply, given that the cost of a refrigeration unit is prohibitive, costing up to FJD $ 40,000 (or €16,976) to purchase and €424 in monthly utility bills.

The vendors have seven days to improve their cooling in line with the 2003 regulations.