First USDA-licensed ELISA test kit for AI launched

24-04-2008 | |
First USDA-licensed ELISA test kit for AI launched

Idexx Laboratories announces the worldwide launch of FlockChek AI MultiS-Screen Ab Test Kit.

The first USDA-licensed ELISA test kit that identifies antibodies against any avian influenza virus subtype in five avian species – chicken, turkey, duck, goose, ostrich – with a single test.
Robust results are achieved through excellent sensitivity and specificity, reducing confirmatory tests and saving time and money, says the company.
The Test Kit screens and monitors populations of five avian species for the AI virus. This depth and breadth in AI screening allows laboratories to reduce test time and test kit inventory. Results are identified at 13 days post-infection.
“IDEXX is committed to continual improvement of the process and performance of our poultry testing so customers can effectively monitor flock health,” said Dr Pablo Lopez, Idexx worldwide poultry marketing manager. “This new AI test kit follows our easy-to-use ELISA protocol. With 99.7% specificity and 95.4% sensitivity, the new AI MultiS-Screen Ab Test minimises the need for many separate tests.”
Ready-to-use reagents are part of the test kit to allow simultaneous testing of multiple samples for higher throughput. Tests can be semi-automated or processed robotically to decrease human error.
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