Flu-free Vietnam tightens bird flu controls

17-10-2006 | |

Vietnam has remained bird flu-free during the first nine months of this year, but Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Bui Ba Bong says that concerted efforts are needed over the coming months to ensure the country’s successful control of the disease.

Members of the National Steering Committee for Bird Flu Control have urged caution as winter looms, as research has shown that cool air facilitates the spread of avian influenza.
In Ha Tay Province, where most of the country’s poultry is located, animal health workers maintain a 24 hour vigil at 322 communes out of the 14 towns and districts where poultry are raised.
Provincial authorities have been aggressive in their efforts to control the disease, having recently spent VND1 billion (US$62,000) for developing quarantine systems, with a VND1 billion to be spent this year.
The Animal Health Department has also continued its efforts by organising training courses on biological safety for poultry breeders and launching campaigns to vaccinate poultry.
Nguyen Thi Lien, a breeder in Chuong My District, said her family members were very worried when a bird suddenly died at her farm. “We invited an animal health worker to our house to guide us on the best approach to deal with the virus. When we discover unusual symptoms in our flock, we have the training and knowledge to solve the problem,” said Lien.