Food inflation causes Faccenda to close

24-04-2008 | |

Faccenda, the second-biggest chicken processing company in Britain, has been forced to shut its doors.

The managing director of the company, Ian Faccenda has said that after a review, the company will close its factory in Sutton Benger, Wiltshire.
Hit hard by inflation
The company has been hit hard by skyrocketing inflation. The soaring cost of wheat, which is a key ingredient in chicken feed, has more than double over the last year.
It has been reported that prices in the UK have risen sharply over the past months, due to increased demand, poor weather and an increase in the area of land used to grow crops for biofuels.
“We’re operating in a very competitive market,” added Faccenda.
The company also has factories in Telford, Dudley and Brackley.

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