Foodmate doubles floor space at headquarters

25-05-2009 | |

Foodmate food and meat equipment manufacturing and service company has doubled the size of its warehouse at the company’s headquarters in the Netherlands.

The 800-square metre building gives Foodmate space to increase its inventory of parts for poultry and food processing equipment. The new area also has space for employee training.
With its new ERP computer system, Foodmate can respond to customers’ orders even more quickly and track inventory more efficiently, says the company.
“We have doubled the floor space in our warehouse,” Foodmate owner David Hazenbroek said. “That extra space, along with our new computer system has given Foodmate the capability of maintaining a larger stock of spare parts for our machines and other food equipment companies.”
Foodmate, which was started a little more than two years ago, has grown from serving clients in Eastern Europe to serves clients in throughout Europe, and into Asia and Mexico.
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