France: President Hollande visits SPACE

12-09-2012 | |
France: President Hollande visits SPACE

Francois Hollande, the recently elected president of France, has visited the 26th edition of SPACE, the largest agricultural exhibition of France.

In his address to the exhibitors and invited guests he promised that his government will support French agribusiness so it can again become leading in Europe and even in the world. France used to be a major exporter of poultry meat but has lost its position and is today a net importer.

Companies like Bourgain and Doux were leading and among the largest poultry meat companies in Europe. The first went bankrupt several years ago and Doux followed recently. The French court spoke out the final verdict on Monday, the day before Space opened its doors. Three processing plants will be closed and the remaining plants are to be sold to Glon-Sanders, LDC and Galina. More than a thousand people will lose their jobs.