Free exhibitor training programme for IPE / IFE

15-07-2008 | |

Exhibitors for the 2009 International Poultry Expo and the International Feed Expo will receive a new free service. Competitive Edge, a corporate training company, has developed a custom integrated exhibitor training program for exhibitors.

The upcoming trade show will be held 28-30 January, 2009, in Atlanta, Georgia. The training programme can be accessed from the IPE website.
The service is designed to increase exhibiting awareness, knowledge and satisfaction. The exhibitor training service gives all exhibitors 24/7 e-mail and web-based access to articles at the right timeframes in the show execution cycle. The topics include: Exhibiting Dollars and Sense: Money Management; High-Impact Pre-show Marketing; Staffing for Success; Conducting Effective Pre-show Meetings; and Exhibit Measurement Made Easy.
The training will provide exhibitors with access to 4 brief online e-courses that present the best exhibiting practices to address researched exhibitor behavioural problems that limit performance and results. The 4 e-courses are: Pre-show Planning: Best Practices for Exhibiting by Objectives; Pre-Show Marketing: Best Practices for Exhibit Marketing; Lead Management: Best Practices in Trade Show Lead Management; and Exhibit Measurement: Best Practices in Exhibit Performance Measurement.