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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

The world of agriculture will meet again in Bangkok, Thailand, 13-15 March 2019, for another edition of one of Asia’s major international animal husbandry events: VIV Asia. As an extra element this year, the event is putting a focus on food engineering.

Thailand is changing, awaiting the official coronation of king Vajiralongkorn after the passing of his father Bhumibol in 2016 and scheduled elections on 24 March, which should lead to the first democratically elected government since the army took over in 2014. Not only politically, Thailand is changing, but so is the country’s lifestyle. In fact, in the entire continent a lifestyle change has been going on for some time. Ready-to-eat products are increasingly widely available in Thailand and this demand is growing in other Asian countries as well.

Since all these markets demand products like meatballs, sausages and processed meat products, the theme ‘Food Engineering’ will receive extra attention at VIV Asia. In total, there will be a presentation of products and services of more than 100 global suppliers.

That includes the complete post-farm chain from slaughtering and processing to logistics, refrigeration, food ingredients and packaging. The focus comes with a conference programme, which highlights multiple themes that are top of mind in catering to customer demands. One of which, antibiotic reduction, will be covered by Poultry World. Find Poultry World at VIV Asia in H103.1714 – and come and attend our special Health & Nutrition Seminar on Thursday, March 14, as from 10 am in meeting room 225.

Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World
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